Ryan's Show Notes: Episode 5, Public Schools

A glimpse behind the scenes at what goes into our podcast discussions:

2020/2021 school year. 12 month plan=267 a month 9 month plan=335 a month Lump sum=2,800 Then you have a student fee and application fee of 300 combined. So we paid it all at once which was a total of 3,100

2021/2022 Student and app fee still same 300, due when we turn in her paperwork. 9 month plan=445 a month Lump sum=3,800 No 12 month plan for the up coming school year

This is per Free Lance Star article from July 22 2020

"breaks down the total for each school to show how much it received at the school level and the district level in local, state and federal per-pupil funding. Those figures are then combined to create the total per-pupil figure for the school."

King George County Public Schools, cost per pupil $10,033

Kings Christian Elementary Tuition/Books


School-Choice would:

-eliminate public schools


-Parents taking there kids to better options

-Teachers would be taking jobs at these better paying options

-Private schools would compete to provide the best education at the most cost effective point

This is a better option for the students(most important), teachers and parents.

This would ELIMINATE public schools AND teacher unions

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