Is President Biden really presidential? Lets talk about it.

First, in order to answer this, we really should understand what the term 'presidential' means.

According to Oxford Languages, presidential means: having a bearing or demeanor befitting a president; dignified and confident.

"America wants a president who looks presidential"

But what about the court of public opinion?

Since the beginning of our Republic, the "Man on Top" has had a certain bearing to him. You know what I mean by that. The President is the type of person that walks into a room and gets noticed. He has swagger. He is confident, proud, and willing to dust of the gloves and take a swing for this Country. He is the personification of America and the sole image that keeps the rest of the planet in check.

Let's not get into the role of democracy here in this blog. We all know that President Joe Biden doesn't represent the values of The Right of Center. Operations, schemes, political maneuvering, collusion, and acts outside of our control landed him in the White House. His political alignment, policies he supports, and the murder of our democracy are outside the scope of this blog post.

What I want to focus on here is purely the man.

When you think of President Joe Biden, what do you see? Do you see a strong man? Do you see someone that can defend you? Someone that instills fear in our adversaries? Do you see an alpha-male? Would you trust President Joe Biden with defending your life? I do not.

I see a weak, nervous, petulant, senile, puny man that is a sham and is weakening the image of the United States as a Global Powerhouse by merely existing.

There were a lot of reasons to dislike former President Trump. But I'll be damned if he wasn't presidential in the court of public opinion, at least as it is held by The Right of Center. People shut up when he walked in the room. North Korea backed down. Iran backed down. China had backed down. Our border was strengthening. We as a Nation were stronger by association.

Here it is Nation. In my opinion, President Joe Biden is not presidential. You have to ask yourself, why has he not held a press conference in the 50-something days since inauguration? What is he afraid of? And when will this fear, this lack of a presidential bearing, cost us more than our values?


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