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Richard Addis

YouTuber, Farmer, Veteran

Richard Addis (Shorebilly Farmer) is married to Katie Addis and a father of three. Richard served 7 years in the United States Air Force in the Electronic Warfare Advanced Programs Division and 2 years in the Air National Guard as a Civil Engineer. 


Currently Richard works as an IT professional and Radio Systems Technician on Motorola Radio Systems while running his 200 acre farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Richard and his Wife have started a YouTube channel called "Shorebilly Farmer" where he highlights the day to day operation of a first generation small farm in the Mid-Atlantic region. Richard holds nothing back about his farming operation showing the good and bad and even discusses personal info to help aide other young farmers in their endeavors. Richard is a strong 2nd Amendment advocate, hosting PTPGun.com courses on his farm to help promote the implementation of our right to bear arms.


Richards commitment to uphold the constitution and defend our liberties against enemy's foreign and domestic is evident in his political beliefs and discussions and that's why he finds himself Right Of Center.

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Mother, Entrepreneur, Resident Vaccine Expert  

Sarah Jones

U.S. LawShield Rep, Mother, Victim of Maryland Gun Confiscatons

Caleb Gass

Young Conservative, Student at Eastern Carolina University

Mike Bell Sr

Veteran, Father to the great @realmikebell, Aerospace Professional, Burgeoning Crypto Enthusiast 

Annie Kenny

Mother, Victim Advocate for Sexual Crimes against Minors, Civilian Sponsor of Maryland SB0268 - Criminal Procedure - Sexual Abuse of a Minor - Crime of Violence and Lifetime Supervision